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    Our BioDiges systems allow you to efficiently reduce the weight of a wide variety of food and natural bio-waste. Our machines carry out the treatment of waste quickly, simply and cleanly ! All our BioDiges disters transform your organic food waste at source in 24 hours and enable you to make savings with no complications :

    - Without water and gas discharge - Without noise and odours - Fits in a limited space - Easy installation - 100% autonomous and connected- Without water and gas discharge - Without noise and odours - Fits in a limited space - Easy installation - 100% autonomous and connected - Reduce your carbon footprint

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    For international distribution of our massive range of products and solutions. We would like you to be part of our distribution network for numerous reasons, but in particular, because we believe we can get large projects off the ground with the help of others. Euro Digester, the sole official distributor of organic digesters for professionals and individuals, is looking for exclusive distributors throughout Europe. We already have official distributors in France and Belgium.

    Our next step is to find an exclusive partner who will have the confidence in Euro Digester to distribute our wide range of products to the consolidated European market.

    Rapid and economical

    Your waste is naturally reduced to earthy powder,

    in just 24 hours. In one day, even the Largest quantities of bio-waste are reduced to 10% of the original weight and volume. You can repeat this step every day and save up to 50% on your collection costs every month !

    If you wish to become an official distributor of Euro Digester in your country,

    please contact the company headquarters. We offer a specific support programme to our exclusive distributors, which includes training and the promotion of the products of the brand Euro Digester.

    All the documentation, as well as the communication tools and promotional documents are given to you to enable you to develop your activity and your figures rapidly. We have the best professionals to give you advice. We accompany you from the beginning up to the completion of your project.

    We provide you with all the essential equipment and skills

    to start up your project as quickly as possible and to enable you to make significant profits. We are industrial designers with a wide range of products : a variety of solutions for industry as for the individual, for the sale of the product as well as renting. This enables you to open a widespread market and to ensure sustainable profitability in an area near your home.

    Our stock in addition to our production capacity enables us to ensure your sales and acquisitions at short notice for numerous types of requirements.









    The digestate :
    transformed waste

    The digestate can be used for your green spaces (individuals or communities)

    The recovered mixture is not considered to be a compost, but can be used to fertilize your soil. The remains consist of an earthy powder, which can be mixed with compost.

    After storing between 4 and 8 weeks in a dry place and then mixing 1 part of earthy powder and 5 parts of soil, the mixture can be sold to composting organisations, or methanisation without storing it.