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    Anaerobic digestion (without air) is a process which takes place in the interior of the machine, during which micro-organisms break down biodegradable materials. La digestion anaérobie (sans air) est un processus se déroulant à l’intérieur de la machine, par lesquels les micro-organismes décomposent les matériaux biodégradables.

    The Digester

    Anaerobic digestion operations are carried out in different closed tanks called digesters. The process is used for industrial or domestic services to manage waste or produce fertilizers.

    A natural process

    Anaerobic digestion is a completely ecological process which reproduces the natural process taking place in soils, sediments of lakes or ocean basins, where it is usually referred to as « anaerobial activity ».

    The Innovation

    The innovative goal is to achieve this natural process of degradation at your production site, in order to reduce costs and greenhouse gas emissions causes by the removal of your bio-waste by truck.

    The Digestate

    The organic substance « digestate » produced at the exit of the machine is mainly composed of nitrogen, phosphoric acid, glucose, amino acid and minerals. The digestate can be used to fertilize green spaces.